What we do

FreeLantz, LLC provides Digital Marketing and SEO Writing services to companies wanting to be found organically. The FreeLantz mission is to enable companies that don’t have the need or budget for full-time Digital Marketers or Writers to compete in the digital arena.

Our Approach

How we do it

FreeLantz maintains a philosophy based on two key components: strategy and communication. All work is based on thorough research and a firm strategy. FreeLantz relies on consistent (but not unnecessary) communication to ensure the right questions are asked and the desired information is portrayed to the target audience.

Our Story

Meet the Lantz in FreeLantz

FreeLantz CEO

Kindi Lantz

Founder & CEO

Hi! I'm Kindi Lantz, a marketer, wife, mother, small-scale farmer, hobby chef, and lover of nature.

I’m also a huge dork; I confess. I’m a pun-loving, metaphor-obsessed, over-the-top word nerd. I strongly believe that for every idea, there are infinite ways to bring it to life and for every story, there are endless ways to tell it. The challenge to do so in the best possible way is the kind of thing that excites me.

I believe that misguided creative is a waste of resources, that successful campaigns are backed by goal-oriented strategy, and that without a deep understanding of the target, you’ll never reach them. For me, staying on strategy is an exhilarating challenge and one I don’t take lightly.

I started FreeLantz with a dual vision:

1.) To provide digital marketing (a service that has become essential to the success of all companies but is often unaffordable to those needing it the most) at an affordable price to start-ups, small businesses, minority-owned businesses, and nonprofits.

2.) To develop resources to assist other freelancers in their journey, make meaningful connections with these individuals, and connect qualified freelancers to businesses in need of the services they provide.

Don't wait any longer

The longer you put off employing Digital Marketing and SEO Writing, the harder it becomes to rank on the first page of search results.