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Slofoodgroup provides some of the most sought-after spices and other gourmet ingredients in the world.

Chefs and culinary enthusiasts visit the site to purchase high-quality ingredients, learn tips from the pros, and be inspired by recipes!

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Services provided:
  • Content marketing strategy development and implementation
  • SEO copywriting: full website, including product descriptions and a multitude of blog posts
  • Blog management
  • Recipe development
  • YouTube optimization

SEO Consultation

La Boîte, NY

La Boîte is a biscuit and spice shop in New York City. Culinary enthusiasts are able to procure masterfully blended spices and biscuits, discover new recipes, and more on the company website.

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Services provided:
  • SEO consultation
  • Schema markup and advisement
  • Keyword research and advisement
  • Strategic copy and CTA suggestions
  • Site audit

Full-Scale Digital Marketing /  SEO Copywriting

Funnelbox Video Marketing

Funnelbox is a full-service video marketing and creative production agency located just outside of Portland, Oregon.

They provide strategy and creative for top brands such as Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Wacom, Weight Watchers, Laika, and many more.

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Services provided:
  • Content marketing strategy development and implementation
  • SEO copywriting: full website, including a multitude of blog posts
  • Basic copywriting: promotional materials, press releases, sales tools
  • Website upkeep and optimization
  • Project management for full re-brand and website overhaul
  • Video marketing: initiated and scripted effective web series
  • Lead-generation system execution: video hosting, MAP, and CRM software
  • Email marketing: set-up, strategy development, copy, and follow-through
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Social media management
  • Full-scale digital marketing strategy

Email Marketing

The Trail 103.3 Radio Station

The Trail 103.3  is a one-of-a-kind Rock Radio Station in Missoula Montana. The playlists are as unique as the residence of the beautiful city of Missoula—and they've taken notice, voting The Trail as "Best Radio Station" for many years. The Trail captures the essence of the outdoor-oriented lifestyle of Western Montana and offers everything from deep cuts from classic rock artists to underground Jam bands, folk, and Americana and from alternative hits to local musicians.

You can listen live here!

Services provided:
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Landing page creation
  • Email marketing set-up and campaign development
  • Creation of pop-up forms
  • Email marketing training


The Wild Game Smoker and Grill Cookbook

FreeLantz Founder and CEO, Kindi Lantz, authored a popular cookbook amongst wild game enthusiasts. It is culinary artistry at its finest, featuring recipes that combine traditional cuisine with a unique modern flare.

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Services provided:
  • Outline development
  • Recipe creation and testing
  • Writing of all material within the book
  • Photography

Affiliate Marketing / SEO Copywriting /Social Media


5DayDeal produces short-term online events to benefit both individuals in creative industries and deserving charities. As of 2019, an excess of 110,000 folks attended their events from over 186 countries. As a result, more than $1,600,000 has been donated to our amazing charity partners!

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Services provided:
  • Affiliate marketing: list growth and outreach
  • SEO copywriting: charity partner landing page
  • Basic copywriting: swipe copy for email and social media
  • Social media marketing: short and long-form posts
  • Facebook advertising: campaign creation and targeted audience development
  • Programmatic advertising: display, video, mobile ad strategy and execution
  • Contributing team member for several photography, video, and business resource bundles raising over $1,600,000 for charity
Services provided:
  • Festival social media strategy development
  • Content production
  • Social media management

Social Media Management

2018 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival


Big Sky Documentary Film Festival brings together an audience of over 20,000 people and 200 filmmakers from all corners of the globe to celebrate an average of 150 films each year. It's the premiere non-fiction celebration in the region and has grown from a small festival in a quaint mountain town to the largest non-fiction film festival in the American West in just 15 years—a feat made possible in part by sponsors.

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Full-Scale Marketing / Copywriting / Event Marketing

GP Kitchen and GP Catering

GP Kitchen and Catering, formerly Gourmet Productions, was a well-known, multi-location fine foods market and cafe located in and around the Portland, Oregon metro area. From 1993-2017, they provided high-end fare and event management for a multitude of event types, as well as lunches, dinners, and unique gifts for gastronomic enthusiasts.

Services provided:
  • Full-scale marketing strategy
  • Menu writing
  • SEO copywriting:  full website, including weekly blog posts
  • Proposal creation
  • Social media marketing: short and long-form posts across all platforms
  • Partner marketing
  • Project management for company rebranding
  • On and offline advertising creative
  • Creative development of print and digital collateral
Services provided:
  • Landing page development
  • SEO copywriting:  full website, promotional posts
  • Affiliate and partnership marketing
  • Social media marketing: strategy and both short and long-form posts across all platforms
  • Digital marketing strategy development, management, analytics, and reporting
  • YouTube marketing strategy and channel optimization
  • PPC and PPM advertising creative direction
  • Company, product, and software launch project management
  • Email marketing (strategy, lead scoring, drip campaigns development, copywriting)
  • Content marketing

Full-Scale Digital Marketing / Product Launches

Muse Storytelling

Five-time Emmy Award-winning video production company, Stillmotion, contributes much of their success to "Muse", their breakthrough storytelling process that guides their creative. Not only did they use the process in their own filmmaking, they traveled the world teaching it to others. In 2016, they officially launched Muse Storytelling and began offering online courses and the accompanying software to bring stories to life.

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Services provided:
  • SEO keyword research and recommendations
  • Content calendar development
  • Press releases
  • SEO Copywriting (blogging, staff features)
  • Content development (article reviews)

Ghostwriting / SEO Writing

Ellen Michaels Presents

Ellen Michaels Presents has been providing corporate event management solutions for the better part of the last 30 years. Whether it be for a corporate retreat, trade show, client appreciation, or product launch event, their talented team guides Fortune 500 companies in event planning, strategy, creative direction, technical production and much more.

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Services provided:
  • Interviewing
  • Ghostwriting (biographies)

Biography Writing

Story Terrace

Kindi Lantz, the founder of FreeLantz, also provides ghostwriting services for several other companies and is one of the Senior Writers for Story Terrace.

Story Terrace matches everyday folks who have stories to tell with spectacular writers who have the skills to tell them beautifully. They believe everyone deserves to have their story or that of a member of their family told so that future generations can savor the tales of their parents and grandparents. They provide the biographer, interview the subject, and deliver a hard-bound, full-color memoir.

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